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You can find the details in my tumblr post here.

The gist of it is:

Sketch + optional flat colors: $20
Half-body portrait: $40
Painted full-size: starting at $70 (depending on background, scene complexity, etc)

Unfortunately, I can't take payment in DA points as I can't eat points (I can't eat money either but I can buy food with it XD). Prices are in USD and payment will be through PayPal. If this is a problem for you, we can try to work something else out. : )

If you're interested, send an email to or send me a note here. Slots are first come first serve!

1: [OPEN]
2: [OPEN]
3: [OPEN]
4: [OPEN]
Smash of Clams (update) by did-you-reboot

Smash of Clams now available for both iOS and Android devices! YAY SMASHING!

Get it in the App Store!
Get it on Google Play!

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Smash of Clams (update) by did-you-reboot

Hey everyone!

So I've been working on this game, Smash of Clams, since the summer and it's finally done (well, done enough for release)! I haven't posted about it here because it's a very simple game that is mostly sprite animations and ocean. But! If you've ever wanted to be a sea otter and smash clams on your belly, now's your chance!

Download it here!

It's only available for Apple phones right now because testing went faster if I focused on one platform, but I'm preparing it for the Google Play Store (it needs Google leaderboards and there's some stuff regarding Google Play dev accounts that's annoying to deal with). So yeah! Don't worry if you wanted to play and have an Android device. : )

If you do check it out, thanks so much and I hope you have fun! If you don't wanna check it out, that's cool too, you do you!
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So I opened a storenvy to get rid of some old prints I made. I know some of you might like them, so yeah, here you go:

It's all old art, but I'm considering printing out newer stuff if there's enough demand for it.

Potentially opening commissions soon, too.
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Not sure how many of you follow or know of my comic, Lexcore, but I put it up on Tapastic. You can find it here. It’s nothing substantial yet, but it will be. Eventually. I planned out like 4 new pages yesterday, so that’s progress. Hahaha.
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Hay everyone! I entered that WeLoveFine contest, and it’d be totally awesome if you guys voted for mine. It’s a bit of an ordeal because you have to register, but I’d really appreciate it. :D

This is my design:

And here's the link to it:…

Thank yooou!


In other news, I've been playing tons of Mass Effect, and now I want to make a Portal x Mass Effect comic. And also write a Mass Effect fanfic. Ahahaha wheeeeeee. The last time I was this excited about a game was with Portal. The comic will probably take place maybe after Priority: Rannoch. Fanfic after the end of ME3.
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did-you-reboot comissions [SLOTS FULL]

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 12, 2013, 1:51 AM
Sketch Slots
[ Marisa ] [ Myst ]

Painting Slots
[ Zhanael ]


$5: speed sketch (level of derp can vary)
$7: more complex sketch (less derp)
$12: solid lineart of whatever single color you want

Add $5 for solid colors (includes shading and glow spam)
Add $1 for every additional character after 2

= = = = = =

$25: painted bust/half-body of 1 character
$35: painted full-body of 1 character

Add $5 for simple background
Add $10 for a complex background because omg backgrounds @_@


Prices are above and are pretty straightforward. You can always ask me if you have any questions about anything. Also, if you want a particularly complex background or pose, I may charge you a bit more ($3-5 more). If y'all want more samples of my arts, head over to my deviantART.

I'll draw most things as long as they're not hateful/racist/etc. I'll just need a reference and a description of what it is you want, and I'll let you know if it's my realm of ability. Things I tend to struggle a bit with: mechs, animals, and porn. XD

Payment will be through PayPal.

Anywho, go ahead and shoot me an email at if you wanna commission me. Put "commission" somewhere in the subject so that I can find it.

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Anyone interested? Prices will probably range from $7-$10 for a sketch, $15-20 for lineart/solid colors, and some slightly larger numbers for things that take more effort. Probably won't have any restrictions. I'll draw whatever as long as it's in my range of ability.
Even porn, I guess. XD

Anywho, I've been busy with school and stuff. Maybe I'll post the poster I worked on for a game project, and maybe some concept art I did.

How's everyone these days?
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Hey everyone.


After 7 years of talking myself out of doing it.

I'm going to have an artist alley table at AM2.

Aaaanyways, I just kinda wanted to know what you guys would want prints of. Even if you're not going to be at AM2 (Anaheim, CA from June 15-17), I can probably sell and ship the leftovers to wherever. Fun fact about the con: It's free to go! There are some stipulations, obviously (people with a pass have priority over those without, and you must have a pass to go to any concerts, and a some activities like meet-and-greets require one). So if you're in the Southern California area and feel like checking it out, all you really need to worry about is parking. : D

Right now I have these lined up for printing:

:bulletblue: OBJECTRON
:bulletblue: The Legend of Saiban
:bulletblue: Ace of Suits

:bulletorange: Aperture Damacy
:bulletorange: Slice
:bulletorange: Hello
:bulletorange: Aperture Princess
:bulletorange: Victory Pose

I figured that'd be good enough...God, it's mostly Portal. Hahaha. And nobody will even know that it's Portal because it's androids. At least they look kinda cool, I guess... OTL

Anywho. Does anyone want something really badly from my gallery that isn't listed above or have some suggestions about what people might want to buy? Leave it in a comment and maybe I'll print it. I don't think I have time for buttons because I don't have a button press and I don't want to pay for fast shipping if I order buttons online. I miiight have time for bookmarks if the printing place is nice enough to cut them for me.

Also I'll be cosplaying Korra.
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So someone on Tumblr asked if I still had the original ending of Resolution. I didn't, but I figured I'd write it up real quick. XD Anywho, for anyone interested, you can find it on my Tumblr. It's not as good as if I had actually intended to use it, but hey. Anywho, I'm glad I used the ending that I did because I thought of something better for the sequel.

And that's all I have to say, really. Just been drawing lots of Portal stuff. XD
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So I'm going nuts at work here, and I just wanted to blahblahblah at something.

Commencing blahblah-ing in 3. 2. 1.

BEEN DOING A LOT OF PORTAL DRAWINGS, GAIZ. I finished Portal 2 when I sprained my ankle a few weeks back. How did I sprain my ankle? GLAD YOU ASKED THAT. I actually went out with some friends because one wanted to do some karaoke-ing. He ended up singing Material Girl and it was glorious, and I sang Don't Stop Believing with my other friend. Aaaanyway, I had a bit to drink because I hardly ever drink and figured HEY, since I wasn't driving, let's drink a bit. Went to walk outside with my friend because I forgot why. There were these signs hanging down from the building's overhang thing, so I jump to touch one. Victory! Except it wasn't that high. So I see a higher overhang and the magnificent wall it was connected to and think HEY, if I do a wall jump, I can totally touch that ceiling overhang! I can do parkour! I'LL BE A NINJA.

Commence wall jump. Did two wall jumps while failing to touch the ceiling. I think to myself, WTF, you were a triple jumper, why can't you jump better? So I put my all into the next jump. Touched the ceiling (and it was glorious), but it was dark and I was slightly buzzed and totally failboated the landing and twisted my ankle. My friend, who is learning how to be a nurse, looked at my ankle about a minute after I stopped quietly sobbing to myself and got out of the fetal position, and noticed that it was horribly swollen. I've sprained my ankles before, and the swelling was nothing like the monster my ankle had just become. I was a little scared, actually. Because it was huge. Also, a lady walked by and thought that I was lying on the ground because I was drunk.

Went home, cried a little bit because I was humiliated that a triple jumper twisted an ankle that way and the world was going to end and what if it's broken and how will I ever walk again, then went to the doctor the next day. Nothing broken. Just horribly swollen. My other leg was getting a bit of a workout from hopping around everywhere.

So, since I had nothing better to do than to keep my foot up and put ice on it, I actually finished Portal 2. I had stopped playing a little bit after Wheatley got squished by GLaDOS when she turned back on, and never really started again because I was sad my robot buddy was dead. And then he wasn't dead and things were awesome! And then THAT THING HAPPENED and I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOO DON'T HATE ME WHEATLEY." Then I was sad that you get smashed down that pit. Wheatley! Why you so mean to me? ;__;

When I finished, it broke my brain and I've been doing Portal drawings ever since.


I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. Apparently it's a masterpiece, but for my Generation Y sensibilities (or whatever sensibilities that made me feel this way), I was confused as hell and thought it tried to be too artsy without enough conflict. HAL9000 was the best part of the movie, and he wasn't even there that long. D: Then there was that weird warpy acid-trip sequence that lasted entirely too long. : ( Have I been corrupted by Hollywood? Has it reduced my attention span to requiring ACTION ACTION ACTION all the time? I don't even know...But I guess Kubrick makes some weird movies, so maybe it was just him being weird again? I watched A Clockwork Orange with october-fish and that was pretty weird too. XD


I've been doing a lot of GLaDOS android things and while I was at my escrima/kali class, I got to thinking: what if android GLaDOS knew some sort of martial art? What spectacular move could she do?

The first move that came to mind was the flying armbar. GLaDOS doing a flying armbar on android Wheatley.

Heh heh heh heh heh.


I have a Tumblr account now! I've been posting random doodles that I might not post here. Go take a look. Please? : )
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Those dark things from your past

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 30, 2010, 4:29 PM
I'm sure everyone's got a few of these horrifically embarrassing things from their pasts. I rediscovered some of these things in my computer the other day.

So before I was into all this newfangled Photoshooping and Painter SAI things with them penpad things, I wrote a lot of fanfiction. This was mostly because my poor computer back then could barely play the FF7 PC version, let alone even hope to run painting software. So, I discovered that thing called fanfiction. Well...

Holy mother of f***, I was terrible.

I would like to share some of the hilariously bad things I've come across in my writing. I wrote a lot of Tenchi Muyo! fanfics because I was obsessed with it back then. You know, in the days were Toonami was actually good. I'm sure some of you are like, "WTF is Toonami?" Get off my lawn, whippersnappers.

Without further ado:

Kagato could do no more. Magaru seemed safe for the moment, but she slept for many hours. He hardly paid attention to where he was steering his ship, and it was during one of these lapses from attention when he felt his ship grind into another.

What the hell, past!self? Kagato's this badass space pirate who destroys worlds when he feels like it, and he can't steer his ship?


Ryoko found Kagato unconscious in the cockpit of his ship. Taking great care to bind him very tightly, Ryoko dragged him as she looked for the other searchers, making sure that she dragged him across the rough parts of the floor. She laughed as he slowly regained consciousness but blacked out again as he hit his head on a table leg.



"Your Juraian energy is being drained away and getting concentrated in one area in space." Everyone looked amazed as Nobiyuki helped Ayeka up. "But," Washu added with a small smile, "due to the fact that Ryoko's gems have the same quality as Juraian power, you are all getting sustained a little bit. The draining process is being slowed by exactly 21.37 percent."

"Won't it drain Ryoko's power, too?" Yosho asked, trying to collapse onto the ground. Washu couldn't restrain a grin.

"It will not! I said that it has the same quality, but it's not the same power. It gets converted as it reaches your body," Washu explained with a superior look on her face. "We have to stop Yume at all costs. If I know her, then she's probably doing this because of some silly bet or wager."

Some backstory: Reading through it, apparently Yume (a character from Hitoshi Okuda's Tenchi manga) was somehow able to suck away Juraian energy (wtf?), so even Tsunami was getting affected (wtf? x 2).

My BS powers at the time this fanfic was written were weak and did not develop until a few years later. Nowadays, I'd come up with some pseudoscientific explanation involving different dimensions and soul powers, then convolute it using a Fourier transform.


Suddenly, there was a bone-jarring crash, throwing everybody to the ground. Kiyone dashed to the cockpit of Yagami and tapped a command into the computer board. Several screens popped up, displaying angles of damage, as one screen displayed stats. Tenchi, with Ryoko supporting him, hobbled in, panting. "Kiyone, what was--oh my god. Why is that ship--it looks--it's Ayeka's mother's ship!" Ryoko burst.

SUDDENLY, I realize that I wrote a whole lot of ships crashing into each other. Spaceships should be sufficiently advanced enough to not crash into stationary objects. ESPECIALLY the Jurai Royal Fleet's ships. And normally, don't they have alarms for this kind of thing? It's like I had them all flying blind.


"No...don't..." murmured Kagato, shaking his head in denial. "Don't die on me...don't go to sleep..." Kagato smiled and stroked her cheek gently. "I know you hate it when I do this..." he said cajolingly. "No..."

All my most magnificent moments of failure come from past!self's complete and utter inability to write Kagato in character. Forgive me, Kagato, for removing all your badass in such a horse-sh*t way. I'm glad to not have mangled Snape this way (I hope).

For anyone who wants a laugh or is masochistic, I can post the entirety of my Tenchi Muyo epic for your viewing pleasure. I personally don't wish that kind of pain upon anyone. But the one thing I'm proud of in these fanfics is that I used proper spelling and punctuation all the time. Even past!self was Grammar Nazi-ish.

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Sometimes I wish I was Dr. MuriraRK. Also, prints.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 23, 2010, 11:58 PM
Let's start with prints first.

So I want to start making prints, as a sort of agreement to myself to finally get that Artist Alley table I've been blahblah-ing about for the past two years. I'm planning on selling prints, bookmarks, and maybe buttons.

Does anyone have a preferred place to get prints done? I was thinking of getting the bookmarks printed off ArtsCow or Shutterfly and then cutting them myself, but what about big prints? Anyone have any success with Costco or Staples? Kinko's? Hahaha, I guess if anything, I'll go try getting a test print from those places to see. The big prints will be expensive, though...


So my friend gave me one of these. I'm not sure what to make with it, though. Popular vote is robot, but I don't think I can make an interesting robot with a little microcontroller. I was thinking of trying to make a little car that drives itself, but I also don't think I'll be able to manage that. It's probably possible, but I'm a noob. XD; My classmate handled the microcontroller for my senior project, while I did the software, so I have almost zero experience.

More feasible popular vote is for a little LED array that turns on when a light sensor says it's dark. Soooo...NIGHT LIGHT. XD Maybe have a button to switch colors...or make an LED animation...

I'm liking this idea.


Sometimes I kinda wish I did biomedical engineering instead of computer engineering, so that I could go to med school and become a doctor. Then I could be Dr. MuriraRK. Doesn't that sound prestigious and authoritative? Med school sounds kinda interesting right now. At the very least, it'd be challenging and my brain wouldn't be turning into mush.

Then agaaain...if I did that, I probably wouldn't be drawing as much and that wouldn't be good either. Ah well, Dr. MuriraRK can exist in my mind, being awesome and performing mind-blowing surgeries, crusading against death itself! GRAHHHHHH.


Finally, eff you to all the people playing online in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 that play as Pain and Sage Mode Naruto. D: I must've run into 4 or 5 people playing as them.

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My Favorite Time of Day

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 24, 2010, 1:48 AM
I love the time between 5 AM and 7 AM. I dunno what it is about that time, but I feel so at peace. The air feels clean and cool and everything is so quiet and nobody is bothering me. I don't feel like I'm in a rush to be anywhere like at 9 AM, or that urgent feeling that the night is wasting away like at 11 PM.

It's just too bad that I'm never awake at that time. Hahaha.


In other news, FREAKING PROFESSOR LAYTON VS. ACE ATTORNEY. Edgeworth needs to be in this game.

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 15, 2010, 12:39 AM
For anyone who's been waiting for posts from me [the wallpaper resolution Ace of Suits images or more Wind Waker meets Ace Attorney], sorry I haven't been around. I got sucked into a project involving Club 2 the MAX and it was taking up all my time. It'll be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California from July 1-3. The [currently] official name is Club 2 the MAX, but right now it's really up in the air.

So yesterday, I had the most glorious day at work. I was one of the people in charge of putting together a "Getting to Know You" booth at an IT Operations department meeting so that people can know what the IT help desk is like [I do tech support]. So I got express permission from my boss to get our little presentation board done by the end of the day and that I didn't have to take calls. I proceeded to spend the whole day drawing little people and a cat [in the style of those random tall SAI comics that I do sometimes], coloring them in with Copic markers, cutting them out, and gluing them to the presentation board. I got to do this the whole day, and my coworker even commented on how happy I looked.

Then I went to work today and was irritated from the start because I had to come in an hour early. I was taking calls like normal, but we were at 3/4 manpower because the others were at the meeting I did the presentation board for [I get to go next week] so it was pretty busy, and then we only got to have 30 minutes for lunch because they were worried that our stats would tank with so many people gone. Me, being the whiny little weenie that I am, almost had a breakdown because I really...really...really hate changing passwords for people now.

I dunno. Everyone's got that one job that they hated. I hope this will be my job that I hate, and that I can find something better soon. I'm thinking about quitting and then bumming around Japan for a bit, then getting some sort of non-help desk job when I get back. I'm also applying at USC for the MS in computer science in game development program.

Well anywho, that's what's been going on. Been kinda down. Laugh at me if you want. Haha.

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So on the way back from Arizona this weekend, we stopped in Palm Springs and happened upon a huge group of annoying kids [it had to be 100+ kids] that were on their way home TO Arizona. It seemed like they were in California for some sort of summer camp thing -- they certainly were annoying enough to seem like the kinds of kids that would have the means to go to summer camp. These boys were fascinated by a hobo -- it might've been just boys being boys, but they were really fixated on the hobo. Anyway, the girls were dressed all slutty and stuff and there were these girls who had this bizarre poofy 80s-style hair and were trying to rock it. Me and me sister were like .__.;;. THEY WERE SO OBNOXIOUS. I thought California kids were bratty, but dang, these kids were pretty bad. Maybe it's the effects of the desert.

Anyway. That got me thinking about things that used to baffle me when I was little.

Things that used to baffle me:
+ summer camp [nobody roundabouts where I live went to summer camp...]
+ basements [California doesn't have basements]
+ seahorses [they look nothing like horses D:]
+ subway [trains? Underground?! IT'S LIKE BASEMENTS.]
+ people who wear their shoes inside [your shoes are dirty! Don't lie in bed with shoes on! D:]
+ Santa going down chimneys and why you gotta leave him cookies and milk
+ eating cookies with milk
+ makeup
+ people who don't eat rice with dinner all the time

Things that baffle me now:
+ summer camp [or maybe I'm bitter cuz I never went]
+ people who wear their shoes inside [seriously, people. Your shoes are dirty D:]
+ makeup
+ Twilight fans [they also frighten me]
+ Hollywood
+ people who work with computers all day and yet don't know where the power button is


Anyone play Trauma Team? : D Dr. Cunningham is awesome. Acts like House, looks like Spike Spiegel, and has Roy Mustang's voice. <3

Speaking of Roy Mustang. WHY YOU GOTTA BLOW UP THAT ONE GIRL? ;__;

I've been watching Kekkaishi since it's showing on Adult Swim. Tokine's kinda annoying. D: It's also like...the Vic Mignogna power hour, since he's Edward Elric for FMA and then right after is Kekkaishi, where he's Yoshimori. It used to be Johnny Young Bosch hour when Bleach and Code Geass were going. XD


Oh yeah, my offer of commissions still stands. I can take Paypal, I think. So...let's say $5 for some sort of sketch, and $10+ for something digital or colored, depending on what you want?

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So I was thinking about offering commissions in exchange for moolah. Anyone interested? I figure I could do these sorts of things:

- Sketches on paper
- Digital illustrations
- Chibi things?

I think I'm cool for anything as long as it's not mechs or sexually explicit. Buuut...people are into some wild things, so these terms will probably evolve some. XD; So yeah. Let me know if anyone's interested.


Holy cow, I am so obsessed with Pokemon right now. HeartGold/SoulSilver is so awesome. Who here plays? I'm not into that whole EV training and breeding thing, though. I just kinda catch them and level 'em. Here's my Elite Four team: Yun (Espeon), Keisac (Gyarados), Gigas (Machoke), Meep (Flaafy -- I don't wanna let it evolve cuz it' cute...), Pidge (Pidgeot), and Fuu (Typhlosion). Not the most optimal team, I'm sure. XD More scrutinizing people will probably not like the Pidgeot and the Flaafy. BUT I CAN MAKE IT WORK. I beat the Elite Four, but got trounced by Lance. Just gotta level a bit more to beat that stupid Aerodactyl that has a super-effective attack against all of my Pokemon. D:

Who else is playing? : D


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Imagine the Imagine Cup with no Rooftop Gardener

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 18, 2010, 11:51 PM
So the game I was helping develop with some friends from UCI, Rooftop Gardener, was rejected for the next round of the Imagine Cup game design competition. If you want, take a look at the demo. It's pretty rough, since it's just a demo we had to submit for the competition. I did the character sprites (the Professor and the dog). One or two were still a bit rough because I hadn't fixed some things in them. I'm a bit disappointed in them, but I think they're okay for about 5-7 weeks worth of spriting, what with my regular job taking up most of my day and stuff.

Anywho, the point of the game is to plant flowers and trees to make the smog in the city go away. You can jump on trees to get to other rooftops. But you've gotta dodge dirty dogs (if you spray them with water, they become clean and happy XD), old conservative men that try to distract you, and other stuff. I drew a flying Prius in a concept sketch, but I don't think we were gonna do that one anyway. XD

There's a bit of hope in there, though. It was rejected from the US Imagine Cup, but no word yet on the International Imagine Cup. Maybe we'll get through there.


I didn't think I'd like GIMP all that much, but I like it for painting things. XD I installed it on my work computer for when there's time in between calls, and I ended up with this. I had a comic idea I wanted to do with that. Maybe I'll sneak a page in after I finish the Lexcore page I'm working on. Oh ho ho ho. Don't tell Fish.


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Imagine Cup Go!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 21, 2010, 9:10 PM

So my group from my game class wants to do the 2010 Imagine Cup for game design. : D Since we did pretty good with the game for the class and also used Microsoft's XNA framework [demo video here for anyone who cares], they wanted to try doing the Imagine Cup. It's a Microsoft competition! The game design competition involves making a game to the theme of "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems." The deadline for the storyboard is February 1 though...I hope we can make it. XD; Anywho, I hope I'll be of more use to the group this time around...I was pretty busy/tired with track and field when the class was going on, but I should be able to do more art than just character animations now. : D Or maybe just nicer character animations.

I've been sick lately. ;__; I got over the first cold last week, but after I got home from kali on Monday, I got sick again. The next morning I couldn't even eat my breakfast. D: I'm slooowly getting better though. I'm glad it's gonna be Friday tomorrow. Maybe I can bang out a page for a Trauma Center x Phoenix Wright comic idea I had, or another page for that Code Geass comic I was working on. Or Rondo. Sooo many comics. D:

I need to get working on Lexcore. The second chapter is annoying me. After some continuity rearranging with :devoctoberfish:, we figured it'd be best to swap Chapters Three and Four, so the new Chapter Three will be action-y! Whoo! Haha. I've been really insecure lately...I keep emo-ing out because I feel like apart from 5 people, nobody reads Lexcore. Hahaha. I love you, Lexcore readers! :glomp:

Anywho, I hope it's not raining where you peoples are. Or if it is, that you're not too sick to go out and enjoy it. : D And I shall leave you all with these words:


Dang, now I wanna do some Shin-chan fanart.

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Sickness is ew.

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 9, 2010, 10:09 PM

So I have a cold. It's amazing how much snot you can develop when you have a cold. Ahaha.

Anywho, so I joined alwaysmotivated, so expect me to be posting more things on DA. Probably even comic pages, even though I usually never put them here. Haha. I've been hankering to do some Trauma Center and Phoenix Wright fanart. Maybe I'll do a oneshot Trauma Center x Phoenix Wright comic. XD I can't wait for the new Trauma Center to come out. TRAUMA TEAM! YEAH WHOO!

I'm debating whether to post my Harry Potter fanfic here too. Usually I just stick 'em on, but writing counts as art too, yeah? Hahaha. The story actually started as a comic [Marked, for anyone who's since been replaced by something else on SJ], but it was faster for me to write than draw. So yeah.

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